Systemat Cloud


You can trust Systemat, a local partner, who is there to listen…

  • 6 offices throughout Belgium, Luxembourg and France (Alsace-Lorraine)
  • 2 Datacenters located in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
  • 300 employees at your service
  • Over 1000 SMEs have already chosen us



Placing your data in the Systemat Cloud means guaranteed peace of mind as you are protected at all times against data loss (fire, computer virus, etc) as well as having enhanced confidentiality.

Our Cloud service is distributed via two sites, located 40km apart and linked by a double fibre optic connection. 

  • The Campus Bissen/Roost has been operational since April 2012 and has Tier IV-level certification (surface area of 21 000m²). 
  • The Campus Bettembourg has been operational since June 2009 and has Tier IV-level certification - surface area of 10 000m² 

What is Tier 4 certification ?

  • Tier 4 certification is currently the highest ranking for a datacenter which means that it provides virtually 100% availability (99.995%).
  • Tier I datacenters have many points of failure and the infrastructure needs to be completely shut down for preventative maintenance or repairs,.
  • Tier IV datacenters have all key elements in duplicate: this means that the datacenter can function at all times without needing to be shut down.

Tier I  

Tier II 

Tier III

Tier IV

Redundant components





Multiple electrical circuits for power and cooling




Multiple active circuits



Fault tolerance





Fixed, controlled costs

What you pay for:

  • Cloud hosting (monthly fee)
  • Rental of licences based on your chosen Cloud service (monthly fee)
  • The Cloud User Support (monthly fee): depending on the service you choose, this may be included in the fee or as an option. The Cloud User Support gives you access to personalised help on-site or by telephone.

An established migration method



Daily backup for 30 days

Each day, our backup solution copies all of your data on the Systemat servers. This copy is stored and remains accessible for a period of 30 days.

Your data remains highly available

The high availability is guaranteed by permanent replication of the data between our two data centres.

Your data is stored four times

Once the daily backup has been made on the servers of the first datacenter, the backed up data will automatically be re-copied onto the second, which means that your data remains highly available, even if a major incident should occur in one of our datacenters.

In summary, each piece of your data is made available in four ways: your data is active in both Datacenter 1 AND Datacenter 2 (thanks to replication), your data is backed up in Datacenter 1 and this is in turn recopied into Datacenter 2. 


Datacenter 1

Datacenter 2

Active data



Backed up data




The Cloud makes it much easier to securely access your company data from any type of mobile device: smartphones, tablets, etc.

Your employees will be able to access their business data anywhere, anytime and from any device whatsoever (including their personal device).

This means that your company will become more productive at the same time as offering greater convenience to users who can choose to work with whichever equipment suits them.

They can take their virtual office and business applications with them wherever they go, without compromising your company's security.