With the Cloud Readiness Passport, Systemat performs a qualitative assessment of your IT organisation and advises you on transitioning to the Cloud. 
With the Cloud Readiness Passport, Systemat will conduct a qualitative assessment of your IT organisation in order to determine its strengths and weaknesses and make recommendations based on this analysis. The specialised engineer assigned to you will guide you towards the best IT/Cloud strategy for you, with particular attention for your current and future needs.

Which areas will be the focus of the analysis and recommendations?

The IT management and IT strategy will be audited in order to determine your approach in terms of:

• project management
• financial management
• life-cycle management for the IT system and supplier relations  
• monitoring the degree of availability of IT services
• etc.

User support as well as change management, incident management, configurations and versions will also be special points for attention in the Cloud Readiness Passport.

The quality of the IT infrastructure and the positioning of technological choices will be evaluated, in terms of hardware (network, cables, PCs and printers, servers) as well as software/groupware.

The security of the IT system will also be a special focus, particularly the policy in place for maintaining data protection and integrity.


Benefits of the Cloud Readiness Passport?


Systemat is committed to completing your Cloud Readiness Passport very rapidly.
On average, it takes just one week to carry out the analysis and recommendations phases. We then arrange a meeting with you to present the results.

No obligation

Systemat will perform this assessment with no further contractual obligation on your part.

A fixed fee "all in" package: it's possible!

When you choose to implement your Cloud strategy with Systemat, you will be reimbursed 50% of the amount invested in your Cloud Readiness Passport.

Systemat's expertise

Systemat has over 30 years of experience as an IT solutions integrator for businesses.
When you choose Systemat to assess your IT organisation, you benefit from the expertise of a highly experienced team who will objectively guide you towards a Cloud solution based on your requirements.


What services are included in the Cloud Readiness Passport?

The Cloud Readiness Passport consists of a comprehensive written report that will be presented to you. This report is made up of three parts:

• a detailed analysis of your IT (management, support, security, document management, etc.) 
• a detailed list of strategic recommendations (which Cloud solutions should you implement as a priority?) as well as technical advice (how to effectively implement your Cloud strategy?)
• a summary of the strengths, weaknesses and maturity of your IT organisation in terms of a future Cloud strategy


With the Cloud Boarding Pass, Systemat is committed to getting you 'onboard' the Cloud, with respect for your plans, strategy and activity.

We draw up your migration plan and implement your transition to the Cloud. 
If you like, we can assist you with the day-to-day management of your local infrastructure throughout the entire migration process.

How does your CBP Contract work?

The benefits of the Cloud Boarding Pass?

Detailed planning

On the basis of the elements you wish to migrate to the Systemat Cloud, we will provide you with a detailed overview and schedule of all the major steps in your migration process, including starting dates, duration and ending dates. 

Fixed fee migration

We provide your migration for a fixed fee: this includes any additional tasks or labour.

A complete portfolio of Cloud services

Systemat offers you a full catalogue of Cloud services to meet all your needs: from mail services to file sharing and collaboration tools and your business and office applications, we migrate into our Cloud all the services you deem necessary for your business to function effectively.

Systemat expertise

Systemat has over 30 years of experience as an integrator of IT solutions for businesses.
When you choose Systemat to perform your migration, you benefit from the advice and expertise of a team of seasoned specialists.


Cloud Backup & Recovery 

With Cloud Backup & Recovery, you choose the level of security you want to use for your data backups.

From a controlled backup to the definition of a full Disaster Recovery plan, with Systemat advice, selecting the best strategy to put in place to save your data is easy.

Why not choose a powerful, easy-to-use and cost-effective data protection method.



Backing up your data to the Systemat Cloud frees you from the management constraints of a traditional backup to tape, disk or peripherals. 

Your backups are hosted off-site via a secure connection. 

You maintain control over your backups and choose the retention policy that best fits your needs. You can restore your data at any time from the management console.



As with the backup process, you can check the status of your data replication from the backup console at all time. 

Your virtual machines are continuously replicated. In the event of an incident, your can recover your data/VMS and quickly get access to your files, folders and applications. 



Systemat offers “à la carte” data restore options. 

You can set the maximum allowable down-time in the event of a disaster, the type of media for your data restore (physical, tenant IaaS, etc.), the date of the annual restore exercise done by Systemat and many other parameters.


Cloud DataBox gives you permanent access to all of your documents.

Nowadays, data management has become a key issue that you need to address if you want to be able to meet the needs of your clients, as well as those of your employees.
It is no small challenge: how to store, synchronise and share your data in a simple and efficient way at the same time as ensuring a high level of security for your documents?

Cloud DataBox is accessible through a simple Internet browser and can provide a client platform that functions with any type of device (iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Mac OsX or Windows). Thanks to the synchronisation, all members of your team can work on the same documents.
The file sharing process is thus streamlined and you no longer have to deal with document transfer.

You can also optimise the use and security of your mailbox via Outlook Plug-in which is included with Cloud DataBox solution. This allows you to insert links in your e-mails rather than attachments. It is also possible to configure it so that all of your attachments are automatically sent via Cloud DataBox.

The 'drag & drop' widget also makes using the Cloud DataBox easier since sending, downloading or deleting files in your account is simple.



Boosts collaboration and productivity.


Both on-line and off-line access to files, from anywhere and on any device (desktops, laptops, tablets or smartphones).

Optimised protection of your confidential documents

Central access management, limited lifespan of local versions, encrypted access, traceability.


Cloud DataBox always displays the latest version of the information and shortens the lifespan of local versions. No more confusion with old documents!

Optimisation of your mailbox

No more full inbox on account of large attachments: the recipient only views the latest version as needed.


Cloud Desktop prepares your desktop to integrate business applications such as your CRM, ERP, etc.

Whether you are using your computer at the office or at home, or your laptop, your tablet, and Windows, iOS or Android:  you can always access your desktop, applications and files through a simple Internet connection.


Your computer, anytime and anywhere

Your programs and files are always available, no matter where you are and when you choose to use them.

Your familiar software

Working from Cloud Desktop, you will instantly access your Windows desktop and your own applications (emails, documents, files, specific business applications…).

Work efficiently and flexibly

We use the latest publication techniques in order to ensure that you can work efficiently and keep your response time to a minimum, whatever your workstation or location.

Flexible working hours

Your employees will be able to work from home just as efficiently as at the office. They simply need to log on for all of their applications to become available.

Your data is securely backed up

You will be protected by the best antivirus software on the market, as well as our own firewall and daily backups.

Lower investment

You pay only a fixed price per user, depending on your consumption.


Cloud Infrastructure offers you a high-end hosting solutions for all your computer services. 

The computer infrastructure no longer has to be a constraint, but becomes a tool for supporting your business.

To efficiently support your activity, you need to have easy access to the best technology.

For all of these important reasons, Systemat invites you to use its Tier IV Datacenters, which currently offer the highest level in terms of security and performance.
You can also rely on the know-how and expertise of the specialists at Systemat for the management and maintenance of your services.
With Cloud Infrastructure, your data is hosted on virtual servers to which you have exclusive access control.


In order to be able to offer you a customised solution, Systemat has set a clear goal: to provide you with all of the basic elements for building your infrastructure and meeting your specific needs and priorities.

For this reason, the Cloud Infrastructure range is available based on two formulas :

1. HVS : Hosted Virtual Server

A preconfigured virtual server offering shared resources. The 'HVS' service is particularly suited to the needs of small-scale infrastructure or for use in addition to shared services (Cloud Mail, Cloud Desktop…), in order to host a specific application such as accounting software.

2. HVI : Hosted Virtual Infrastructure

For more complex infrastructure, dedicated resources that allow you to configure your machines however you like!
At Systemat, we understand that the use of shared resources may result in less flexibility for certain clients, so we would like to give you the option of organising the distribution of your resources yourself.
These resources are then reserved for you alone and you can access them however you like!



You can rent the access to the resources you need, making them adaptable to your requirements.


Our solution offers you an extremely high level of security thanks to Tier IV Datacenters (redundant infrastructure, maintenance, permanent monitoring, …).


You can rely on the expertise of the IT specialists at Systemat and highly developed skills in infrastructure.


For optimal comfort, we provide you with the best connectivity via our various suppliers. This allows us to guarantee that you will enjoy maximum availability of your services.


Our various formulas allow you to build your ideal solution, but it's perfectly tailored to your needs and your budget.


Cloud Backup frees you from the burden of managing a traditional backup on tapes, disks or removable devices.

This service is compatible with all of your environments, including virtual ones, and with all mobile devices. Plus, it's very easy to install.


1. Local processing of your data

Systemat Cloud Backup is a solution that does not require the use of backup agents on your servers.
You simply need to install a backup client on an existing machine within your network or on a dedicated system.
When the scheduled backup starts, the data will be transferred over your network directly to the machine on which the Systemat Cloud Backup software has been installed.
The data is transferred onto the server and then analysed block by block in order to verify any changes that have been made since the last backup. The data is then compressed, mirrored and encrypted in order to ensure confidentiality.

2. Encryption and delocalisation of your data

The data is transmitted over the Internet to our secure Tier IV datacenter, which is the highest classification level for datacenters. For optimal protection, your encrypted data is then mirrored in a second datacenter.
You also have the option of saving a local copy of your latest backup.



All communication between your servers and our Datacenters as well as the storage of your data on our infrastructure is encrypted. This guarantees the security and confidentiality of your data at the same time as keeping it accessible as you remain the sole holder of the encryption keys.


Our costs include licences and mirrored storage for an unlimited number of servers. You will no longer have to pay for the purchase of bandwidth, transport or storage and you pay based on consumption. This will significantly reduce the costs for managing your current backup service.

Optimal utilisation of your resources

Cloud Backup is automatic and consumes minimal resources. The compression of the data reduces the burden on your Internet connection. And of course, your backed up data is externalised, which is rarely the case these days within companies.



Each business profile corresponds to specific needs. In order to meet these requirements and provide you with a customised response, Systemat offers three different versions of its Mail solution:


Greater flexibility
For your employees in their day-to-day work and for your own management of internal resources.

Systemat is a local partner offering hosting, installation, migration and support services.
Your data remains within the BELUX region, and subject to local and European legislation.

Integrated solution
As a local Cloud integrator, Systemat offers you integrated solutions that allow you to enjoy a unique user environment. In this way, Cloud Mail can be integrated into our total Cloud range so that you can also access our full support (hardware, software and services).


Your management and working tools will be integrated into your Cloud solution and are available from any device whatsoever, fixed or mobile. We are aware that each IT environment is unique, which is why we offer you a customised solution, tailored to your own professional use.


Use all of your software via a single access point

When you're connected to your Cloud Desktop, you can instantly access your Windows or iOS and any of your business applications.

More flexible working time

Your employees can work just as easily from home or from any location whatsoever. You will also easily be able to add or remove authorisation for additional employees.

Your tools, data and backups are secure

You can rely on guaranteed availability, the best antivirus software on the market and our own firewall. We create your backups in order to ensure your business continuity.

Integrated maintenance and support

We centralise the maintenance of the servers and software (depending on the level of service) and we offer you access to our helpline for all of your IT questions.

Management of your applications remains unchanged

You stay in control of the maintenance and specific configuration of your applications, at the same time as benefiting from the advantages of the Cloud.

Lower your investments

Since you pay just a fixed fee per user depending on your consumption, you will keep your budget under control. No more worries about additional fees for aspects such as infrastructure maintenance or back-ups.